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The Academy for Career and Living Skills


At P.S.811X, it is our philosophy that all children have a boundless capacity for learning.  We assert that all children are entitled to appropriate, authentic and stimulating learning experiences that will maximize their quality of life.  We are committed to establishing our school as a beacon of leadership in the community through sound educational practices that foster student independence and that will facilitate community integration.  

We are a special education school with several programs that serve students with a wide spectrum of physical and cognitive disabilities.  We provide services for students with Autism, learning disabilities, and multiple disabilities.  To best serve our students we adhere to an educational model that is founded upon a rigorous functional academic curriculum.  We create immersive learning experiences that empower our students to make choices and experience the outcomes that they desire.

We continue to accomplish our goals by employing a faculty of highly qualified professionals, establishing and sustaining an open-door policy with parents, establishing linkage with community-based organizations and by creating partnerships with local businesses.  P.S. 811X is not simply a school - we are a community of lifelong learners!